All your questions about living costs in the U.S. for students answered

Living in the U.S is a dream for many Indians. If you plan to move there for your higher studies, you might feel a little overwhelmed as everything is new. Every year, people become legal residents in the U.S. to take advantage of the economic benefits of living in a first-world country. However, if you’re planning on moving from India to the U.S., the vast differences in lifestyle, culture, and way of doing business can seem very intimidating. Before you go, it’s good to know what to expect and can you prepare better.

Our blog will try to include almost all the questions and queries one might have while moving to the U.S. so that you have an inclusive idea of what to expect. If you are new to the U.S., are on an internship program, or are getting admission to a University. Congrats on that. The culture, way of living, food, money, everything that you can think of is different in the U.S. Read More.