Credit History Sync from Zolve

I would like to know when the credit history gets synced from Zolve to my SSN?
I started using Zolve account from 07April and Got my SSN only on 28Apr. I am unable to check any credit history for this SSN yet - so want to know
1- When can I start checking my credit history (are there any apps other than Experia to check this?)
2- When will zolve sync the details of my spend to my SSN

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Any one from Zolve can answer this ?
i am also not able to see Zolve credit history.

But credit card obtained after getting SSN is showing in credit history

Hi Krish,

Your credit history would be reported from the day 1 of you transacting with Zolve.

You have started building the credit history and the same can be checked through various sites. Additionally we are also building a product which will help you in checking the credit history.

As you mentioned in the post you received the SSN on 28th April we request you kindly submit the same through the App and the same would be reported to the bureau in the coming cycle.

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During initial offerring of zolve card, I was told it will get synced in 3 months. However I am not sure if anyone had it corrrectly synced yet - so want to hear from anyone with a successful experience on the credit history sync from zolve

Hi Krish,

As Dhiraj mentioned, your credit history is reported since day 1 of you transacting with Zolve. It has been synced correctly for all of our users.

Also, we are in the process of building the product to ease out the process of checking the reported credit history. But meanwhile, if you want to look at your credit report, please feel free to contact our customer support anytime and they can provide you the same.

It looks like zolve only report to equifax and all other banks report to all 3 credit bureau, because of which others not able to fetch as I see mostly they get is from either Experian or TransUnion, I am not sure from when they will start reporting to all 3 bureau.

Hey Rakesh, we currently have been reporting your credit history to Equifax for credit checks. Also, regarding your query about Transunion and Experian, we have already signed the contract and are currently in the testing phase. We will let you know very soon on the same once all credit history is reported.