Credit Score Importance for an immigrant

Why is a good credit score necessary for an immigrant in the U.S.?

As an immigrant, it is natural to feel helpless when building a credit score. After all, you have to start from scratch when you reach the U.S. Even if you had an excellent score in India, that doesn’t hold any value for American lenders and credit companies. Having a credit score in the U.S. is especially important since credit is imbibed in every area of daily life, both in business and finances. There have been several cases where immigrants and ex-pats have been denied many privileges because of the lack of a decent credit score.

Zolve helps us build a credit score from day one as it provides us with a high-limit credit card without having a credit score in the U.S. With Zolve, we can start building our credit score as soon as we land in the U.S.