Dorms 101 for International undergraduate student (male specific if possible)

I am an undergraduate freshman and will join on-campus next month so, I need some insight and suggestions regarding dorm selections and any essential items that most people forget ig.

You can look check out this blog if you want more info 6 Essential Tips for Finding Student Housing in the U.S.
Even Zolve’s team can provide you with more specific info if needed.

Accommodation and campus life

Most universities in the U.S. have a campus policy where student accommodation, teaching, research laboratories, shops, and sports facilities are all located on-site. Most of the campuses are massive, and there is nothing to stop you from taking a tour of your local city or marveling at some of the most stunning natural landscapes that the U.S. has to offer. This is especially helpful for Indian students as they become a part of the community from day 1.

If your university campus has a dormitory-style system, you may share a bedroom with two or three others. It is also possible to rent a single-sharing space, but the cost is substantially higher. For example, in a city such as New York, annual student rents can quickly push $20,000 or more! Ensure that you apply early for accommodations. Read More.