Driving in the U.S

I am moving to the U.S. in a couple of weeks and I wanted to know what are the requirements to get a Driver’s license there?

To legally drive in the U.S., you have to:

  • Be at least 18 years old at the time of driving
  • You should either have a valid state-issued driving license, foreign driving license, or an international driving permit. Expired licenses are not allowed
  • It would be best if you did not have any medical condition that might interfere with or make you unfit for driving
  • You should follow all the driving laws and regulations of the state

You require your passport if you are a student I 20 as well.

First, you can get a Temporary driving license by taking a computer test at BMV. If you pass the test you’ll pay $25 for the Permit.
Once you get the Temporary permit you can apply for a driving license, Where you’ll be required to Drive for the test. even for this if you pass the test you pay $25 again for the driving license card.
If in case you fail the Driving test you’ll be required to take a training which costs approx $75 and 40 Hrs of Driving experience.

Call the BMV customer support they clearly clarify the doubts.No need to worry.


Any specific DMV written online practice available?

If you have been driving in India for few years, I would suggest to rent a car and drive here. It looks difficult but when you actually start driving it’s actually very easy as rules and directions are all written on roads. You can drive on international English printed license. Apply for IDP only when your license is not in English.

Each state have different rules and procedure and cost for getting a licence

First, apply for learner permit ( it includes online exam and vision test)
Then once you go learner permit, after a few days you can apply for a Road test, if you have passed on-road test, your Drivers license will be issued.

Yes, you can go and type DMV Practice Tests on YouTube, and you’ll get plenty of material there. I watched 3 videos and aced on my test in the first attempt.

No need to worry, maximum questions are very basic ones. You’d be able to go through it easily.