Off-campus over on-campus

Guys, in your opinion… Is living off-campus better than living on campus?

I personally would always choose to live in a dorm basically for these reasons-

  • Closer to all the classes: Being an international student, I don’t have a car and the apartment near the university and it’s just too far off from all the classes for a bike ride. The bus system does work according to your schedule so you do have the luxury to sleep in the extra few minutes.

  • No worries about making food: Just think about it, you are exhausted from the day’s classes and probably a part-time job and you get to your room. And then have to make dinner probably after washing the dishes from yesterday’s procrastination.

  • Sometimes cheaper than living in an apartment: Depending on the city you live in, sometimes living in dorms is cheaper.

  • People: Living in dorms keeps you together with your friends and people who have the same interests as you. I am currently living in an apartment for the summer (because my uni does not have summer dorms that are not as cheap as I got the apartment sublease for) and I leave there at 8 and come back around 7. After 11 hours, I do not have time or energy to meet my friends and so consequently we can only meet on weekends.