Prepare for an Internship

I am new to this, can someone tell me how to prepare for a marketing internship at an e-commerce company?

Preparing for an internship in the U.S. is a big task and comes with lengthy applications. If you are coming to the country with the sole purpose of interning, you will require a J-1 visa. International students studying in the U.S. on an F1 visa are also eligible for internships. Students having J-1 visas in the U.S. are suitable for participating in academic training for 18 months. Remember to consult with your J-1 responsible officer, and the internship should be related to the field of your study.

While applying as an intern, keep in mind that you must be enrolled in an international university or college. Applicants are qualified for an internship 12 months after their graduation. If you wish to apply as a trainee, applicants need a degree and one year of work experience. Applicants showcasing the expertise of five years or more can also explore the various opportunities in their target fields. These internships usually last for 12 months, and training positions last for 18 months.