Safe & Pocket-Friendly Way to Send Money from the U.S. to India!

If you send money home on a frequent basis from the U.S., chances are you might be looking out for cheap remittance options. You know those standing outside their shops yelling “Zero Money Transfer Fees” or “Zero Commission” or “Best Rates”.

But, the harsh reality is that there is no such thing as zero fee remittance. It’s a disguise used by many under which they hide the outrageous mark-up fee that they charge over the exchange rates.

No Set Exchange Rates: This is where all the Shenanigans Begin!

So, there’s something called exchange rates. It’s the foundation on which the whole remittance world operates. This is the rate you’ll get when you transfer money from the U.S. to India. These rates are determined by banks and forex traders who trade in foreign currency. Read More

I am new to U.S. and having trouble managing my money and overspending every time I go out. Is there a way I can use an app or a tool to help manage my money better??

Set small financial goals
Are you planning a trip with your friends for spring break? You can easily set up a calendar with a small financial goal that you can slowly build on. Say your trip is in August. Start tracking your spending and budgets on a calendar, and keep track of how often and frequently you spend versus saving for the trip.

Its quite a random example but it gives you a goal to save for, I hope this tactic helps!