Secure my account against breachers

How to make your account more secure against breaches?

  • Use new technologies that ask for biometrics to pay from your phone
  • Prefer a chip embedded card over the one with the magnetic strip as they use complex passwords which keep changing frequently.
  • Use different cards for your online and offline purchases. This way you’ll always have a backup
  • Avoid using obvious passwords like your birthdate or SSN or your name and make sure no one sees your password when you’re entering it anywhere.
  • Avoid using the same passwords for multiple accounts and make sure you get notified whenever a transaction is done from your card. If you see a purchase that you haven’t made, lock your card immediately.
  • Avoid public wifi to log in your financial accounts. These might not always be safe.
  • Never click on the link that you don’t think is safe.
  • Shred papers with personal or financial information before disposing of them.