This is my first time in America. I want to know more about U.S. Health Insurance?

Basic Insurance information

I ve worked with a health insurance firm before and here are a few things you need to know while buying insurance

A claim is sent if an accident occurs. You can do this by hand or online. You usually need to submit receipts, reports, and photos with this.

The premium is the amount that you pay to purchase the insurance coverage.
The deductible is the amount that the insured person must pay before the insurance company starts paying.

Co-Insurance is the percentage that the insured person pays after the deductible is paid. For example, if co-insurance equals 20 percent, then the insured person pays 20 percent and the insurance company pays 80 percent.

Expenses are the costs for services such as surgery, hospitalisation, x-rays, prescription drugs, and/or laboratory tests; expenses are defined in the individual insurance contracts.

Co-payment or co-pay
This is a fixed amount that you’ll have to pay the doctor when services are rendered.

In and out of network
When you have health insurance in the United States, it will likely fall in one of two categories—HMO (Health Maintenance Organisations) or PPO (Preferred Provider Organisation). This means different rates for services depending on if procedures are performed by certain individuals who are in or out of network.