Top questions asked on F1 visa interview

I am moving to the US soon as a student and this will be my first time giving a visa interview, I ve never been abroad before this and I am quite nervous about it. Can the community help me with the top questions I need to prepare before my interview?

Usually, the visa interview can be split into different sections such as:

  1. About the University
  2. Finances
  3. Job after your course is over

You can prepare for questions like:

  1. What are the names of the universities you applied to?
  2. How many universities did you get selected?
  3. What is the course you applied for and what is the duration of the course?
  4. Who is paying for your education
  5. What is the source of payment (How are they able to pay for it)?

This will help you get a head start on your further research, I am sure other folks here will help you out with more questions! :smiley:

Oh! I had trouble cracking my interview the first time around but I feel these are some of the questions that the interviewer really banks on if they should give you a visa or not (personal opinion, might or might not be true)

  1. Who is paying for your education?
  2. How are they able to pay for it? What is their professional background?
  3. Tell us more about your father’s/mother’s job and income and how long they have been working for the company.
  4. On your bank statement, we can see large portions which only have been deposited recently. Please explain!
  5. If you work, why do you plan to leave your current job in order to go abroad to study?
  6. What is your salary at the moment? (If you are working currently)
  7. Once you have finished your studies, do you plan to stay in the United States to work?
  8. Do you plan on working while studying?

Be very confident and truthful about all the questions above and I am sure you will crack the interview!

If you are having a heavy bank balance. Please be prepared for the question “How did you save so much money?”. Try to support the answer with valid reasons like “if you had scholarship mention it or with your fathers salary figures or your income if you worked or some property you have sold which should be reflecting on your financial certificate”.