Visa interview example for F1 in Kolkata

We have recently interacted with some of the people whose visas were approved recently and following were the insights.

Appointment date- 18th MAY, 2022
Location: Kolkata
University: University of Maryland, College Park
Course: MS in Business Analytics

VO: Good Morning
Interviewee: Hello! Good morning officer.
VO: Pass me your passport and i20
VO: Why the USA?
Interviewee: I am going to pursue my Master’s in Business Analytics or Business Statistics as it’s officially mentioned on my i20 from the University of Maryland.
VO: Why this course?
Interviewee: A few statistics, business economics and data structure electives taken in my undergrad piqued my interest in Business Analytics. To further pursue my passion, I’ve done my undergraduate final year major project using machine learning analysis, this master’s will help me to delve deeper into these subjects. Combining this with my work experience at ____ Consulting, made me want to pursue a master’s in business analytics to transition easily into senior job roles.
VO: Types for 1 minute.
VO: Your visa is approved. Congratulations. You will receive your passport in 5 days.