Visa interview examples for f1 in Mumbai

Here is an example of an interview recently happened in Mumbai visa center, for everyone’s reference here:

Consulate: Mumbai
Intake: Fall 22
University: SUNY BUFFALO
Course: Financial Mathematics
Status: Approved

Interviewee: Good Morning Ma’am

VO:(Nods her head). Pass me your passport

Interviewee: Yes here it is(Passed it)

VO: Pass me your i20

Interviewee: (Passed)

VO: So, financial mathematics hmm. What did you study here?

Interviewee: Currently, I’m in my final year of 5-year dual degree course with bachelor’s in Civil engineering and MBA in Technology Management

VO: What were your bachelors in?

Interviewee: Civil engineering

VO: Why financial mathematics then?

Interviewee: Since mine was a dual degree program. I studied a few management subjects related to finance which increased my interest in it and my internships related to finance further cleared my aim to be a fund manager for which a master’s in finance is necessary.

VO: How are you going to fund this?

Interviewee: My parents are my sponsors. They have a savings of xx lakhs and FD of xx lakhs totaling xx lakhs.

VO: Have you taken any loans?

Interviewee: No

VO: What does your father do?

Interviewee: Explained the family business

VO: Your visa has been approved. Have a safe flight to New York.

Interviewee: Thank you, Officer.

I was confident enough and maintained eye contact.