Visa Interview question on settling in the US

Here are some question that may help you answer questions related to your stay in the U.S.

You look like a potential immigrant or I don’t think you will come back?
VO is trying to stir what you think. So take a 2-3 sec breath. Don’t panic. You just
have to give a strong reason that you will come back after your studies.

Example 1: Sir, all my family members are married and settled in Chennai. My dad owns a
textile industry and I am the only hope for him to run his business and that’s the
reason he is sending me to gain the best education.

Example 2: Sir, my sisters are married and settled in different cities in India. I am the only
hope for my parents to take care of them after they retire in next 2 years. As a
son, I want to carry my parents burden during their old age.

2 lines should be sufficient. Don’t extend your answer and talk too much

What do you know about US education?
• US education is more focused on a practical curriculum than the
theoretical knowledge
• US education will provide a challenging environment during my coursework
to come up with new ideas in my research field.
• Public university Student-Professor Ratio is 17:1 which is best compared to
any other country.
You need to give at least 2-3 strong pieces of information about the US.

Why are you applying for Fall only?
Answer Example: I completed my bachelors in May and I want to start my master’s immediately in
Fall. I just don’t want to wait till spring.
The course Advanced VLSI Design is offered only in the fall and that’s one of the
course I intend to take to improve my technical skills.

Kindly note, that these questions are subjective. Kindly use your discretion