Where do students live in the U.S.?

Where do the students studying in the U.S. live (I mean dorms or paying guests, etc.)? How do they choose?

It depends on you and the university.

For the first year, most of the time universities make it compulsory to live on campus in dorms. So international students have to live on campus but when they go to second-year they mostly shift to off-campus housing to save money as dorms are very expensive than off-campus houses.

Most of these off-campus houses are taken as rent by students. They live in a rented house with a friend or two or even alone if they can afford it.

As international students have money issues they live in houses that are near to university and cheap. If paying guests is cheaper then they live there but mostly they live with a friend or two in a rented apartment as it is cheaper.

Hope this answers you