Zolve/CFSB integration with Plaid


So, the largest pain point for me right now, as a customer, with Zolve is the lack of a full-fledged login to CFSB and lack of mechanisms to export data.

Way too many times I couldn’t, when I wanted to add my Zolve account to some place via Plaid. For eg: I am using https://copilot.money. I’m able to add my Fidelity and BofA account to Copilot, but I’m unable to add Zolve/CFSB. Is this on your roadmap? As a customer, when can I expect this rolled out?


Hey @arjunm, As per the update from our team. Currently, we don’t offer a login facility. Also, the suggestions shared will be considered. We will do our best to implement the same in the future. There is always scope for growth, and you have contributed to it. Thank you for your opinion.